Max Eisenhardt, also known as Erik Magnus Lehnsherr, is a mutant that goes by the alias Magneto.


Max attended a school in Nuremberg, Germany, in his youth. He had liked a girl named Magda who accused him of cheating after he won a javelin-throwing competition. When he won the competition a second time, he was expelled and beaten by the other children.

Eventually, Max's family moved to Warsaw, Poland where they lived in the Warsaw Ghetto. Max and his family escaped from Warsaw in 1942 but were captured by Nazis. Max's family was killed but Max's father saved him by pushing him out of the fireline without anyone noticing.

However, Max was eventually found out an dwas imprisoned in Auschwitz. Max served in the Sonderkommando which were Jewish men that operated the ovens, gas chambers, and fire pits. Because of his time in the concentration camp, he realized how cruel human beings could be towards minorities, which fuelled his hatred towards Homo sapiens. By the time Max hit puberty, he had contracted hepatitus so his mutant powers didn't manifest. Max reunited with Magda and he and her escaped from Auschwitz and lived in a Carpathian Mountain village. The two were married and had one daughter.

Max then changed his name to Erik Magnus Lehnsherr but eventually became bored with his life in the mountain village and moved his family to the Soviet city of Vinnitsa. After this move, Erik used his powers consciously for the first time by sending a crowbar at his boss who was cheating him of his pay. Erik returned home to find it on fire with his daughter trapped inside. He tried to save her but the KGB, called by his boss, arrived and he was beat up by them and he couldn't save his daughter. Erik used his powers to destroy the KGB men and some of Vinnitsa. By seeing her husband's powers, Magda left Erik and gave birth to a set of twins on Wundagore Mountain.


  • Gender: Male
  • Height: 6'2"
  • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Eyes: Gray
  • Hair: Bald (formerly black)

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